About the International Tribune

The International Tribune is an information platform of the International Achievements Research Center, that presents a wide range of information about human achievements from across the globe and the latest trends in science, technology, education, economy, and business. Through publishing of popular scientific, problematic and presentational articles, our purpose is to promote leaders, new ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices that contribute to the development and humanization of modern society.

We invite industry experts, authors and academics to create, share and publish content. If you have a story, opinion or piece of research that you want to share with our exclusive audience, then we want to hear from you.

General Rules

The articles are placed in the 'International Tribune' section on the IARC website depending of the date they came. Links to the last published articles are posted on the most of the pages of this website in a special module in the right column. To promote the articles, information about them is posted on our official pages in social networks.

To make the readers familiar with modern problems and their solutions, our policy is to avoid too deep, detailed presentation and specific terminology in order to non-specialists, as well as the general public, can understand their main messages and form own opinion after reading. The article length is up to 5000 characters including spaces. You can also add photos to illustrate your article. All materials should be submitted in English.

Who Can Be an Author

  • Contestants of the Open International 'Scientist of the Year' and 'Innovation of the Year' Competitions;
  • The Academic Honor Society members;
  • Special authors – experts from various fields of expertise, invited by the IARC Editorial Board;
  • Any author can submit an article to the IARC Editorial Board for consideration its publishing concerning its relevance, novelty, and its compliance with the section requirements.

All materials are published only after approval them by the IARC Editorial Board.

Topics of the Articles

  • Review articles about the revolutionary achievements of science, technology, medicine that impact on the progress of humanity;
  • Biographical materials of the contestants and winners of the Open International 'Scientist of the Year' Competition;
  • Information articles about innovations, inventions, cutting-edge technologies, that are presented in the framework of the Open International 'Innovation of the Year' Competition and became top finalists and the winners;
  • Presentation of the international and regional investment programs that aim to support and promoting innovation development;
  • Impact the globalization processes on science, culture and international business relations;
  • Globalization of education, implementation of the new learning methods;
  • Information technological revolution, development of telecommunication technologies;
  • Prospects and trends in development of Artificial Intelligence;
  • Cosmology and extraterrestrial intelligence;
  • Problems and consequences of climate global change;
  • Social problems of modern society, etc.

How to Submit an Article

To submit an article for publication in the 'International Tribune' section you should fill in the form where indicate details about the Author, and a summary (a brief description of your article, length is up to 1000 characters including spaces). Information must be submitted in English.

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