Prof. Dr. Vagif Rakhmanov, Director of Research Institute of Children’s and Family Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Medical and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Ukraine

Despite numerous and longstanding scientific research, the problem of medical and social rehabilitation of patients suffering Autism (A) and Autistic Sphere of Disorders (ASD) is still unsolved.

According to the data of various authors, Childhood A occurs with from 2-4 up to 6-15 children in 10000 people. Two thirds of children suffering Early Childhood Autism (ECA) are diagnosed with mental retardation. At the same time 1 of 10 children with mental retardation suffer A. If we combine A with mental retardation, this number increases up to 20 cases in 10000 people.

Academician, Prof. Dr Ibrahim Jusufranić, Rector, International University Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Within modern business condition, the costs are the factor of crucial importance for the development of enterprises. It is always important to consider the costs when introducing new facilities and as well as for the sale of existing products. It often happens that due to poor management costs can occur loss in business. To avoid the occurrence of the loss of the company, costs are often reduced, while in the same time not taking into account the quality and price of products and services. Instead of that, companies need to focus on the area of cost management as the field among of the most important ones within the work of management through which it might reduce the costs, although not at the expense of employees or the quality of products and services.

Dr. Anatoly Pikalov, President, Environmental and Humanitarian Institute, Russian Federation 

“To be or not to be TOMORROW – depends on us TODAY!”

The XXIst century that we live in displays the highest level of development in the fields like gene engineering, microelectronics, information technology, means of communication, nanotechnologies, microbiology, energy industry… The list is endless. These achievements are a result of efforts by highly educated specialists and scientists. Whose successful work has become possible mainly thanks to the education they had been given which is the basis of human civilization.  

J.N.Misra, Chancellor, Nehru Gram Bhartiya University, India 

India over the centuries has seduced many invaders by her sheer natural beauty, bountiful of its natural resources and a heterogeneous culture rich in tradition music literature arts and much more so many invaders came via the route mountains (Silk Route), seas (Spice route) conquered her but eventually became hers adapting into her ways. A melting pot, a pot pouri or an assortment of various identities.

Prof. Dr. Buket Akkoyunlu, Hacettepe University, Faculty of Education, Turkey

In the 21 century, the rapid pace and complexity of technological, economic and cultural changes require individuals to adapt and re-adapt throughout their lives – all the more so in the context of globalisation. Developments in information and communication technologies (ICTs) have changed our way of life, whether it is at home, at work, at school or at leisure. The internet and the development of digital technology (computer-based technology) in particular, have made the most significant impact in the field of ICT in our lives. In ICT innovations have become smaller in size, more efficient and often more affordable.

Dr. Aminu Ladan Sharehu, Director General/Chief Executive, National Teachers Institute Kaduna, Nigeria 

Many societies in the world have turned to Open and Distance Education (ODE) to meet their academic, vocational, professional, and training needs. Due to this fact, there is paradigm shift of concept of education from an elite based system to mass based system towards increase in educational access. In Nigeria today, there is improved development in Information and Communication Technologies, with the emergence of affordable, portable, personal computers laden with multimedia capabilities that have leveraged institutions to deliver distance learning programmes.

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