Ahmmed Saadi

Winner. Scientist of the Year 2016. Technical Sciences

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Ahmmed Saadi

Ahmmed Saadi

Academic title, degree: Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Fields of science: Technical Sciences 
Research interest: Introduction to Biotechnology, Biochemical reaction, Food and chemical production, Optimization methods, Advanced Chemical Reaction, Chemical Process Modeling, Chemical reaction engineering, Homogenous and heterogeneous catalytic surface reactions, Chemical Process Dynamics and Control, Numerical and computing Methods, Heat and mass transfer, Thermodynamics for chemical engineers, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Fluid Mechanics, Polymer science, Renewable energy sources, Materials Engineering, Software for Chemical Engineers
Institution: Dhofar University
Position: Lecturer
Country: Oman

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About Contestant

AHMMED SAADI IBRAHEM holds Associate Professor in chemical engineering from UiTm University. He received a B.S degree from AL-Nahrain University in Iraq. He finished his Master Degree from Technology University in Iraq and his PhD from university Malaya in MALAYSIA. Among more than 140 articles with nine books contain different subjectas for chemical engineering and widely used in masstransfer, heat transfer, chemical reaction, optimization, control, catalyst surface reactions and fluid flow. He is experience in different software MATLAB, MATHCAD, ASPEN, HYSYS and NERO SOLUTION. Very good expreince in many subjects’ and his current areas are as follows chemical reaction and design, control system, mathematical model, numerical computing methods and optimization. Editor in three journals and review in six journals and he is a member in Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials works as a main review and member in American cancer society.

Ahmmed Saadi awarding

Achievements 2016


1. Thabit Sultan Mohammed, Ahmmed Saadi Ibrahim, “Simulation and Analysis for Activities in Image Recognition Using MATLAB”, Computer Science and Information Technology 3(1): 22-30, 2015.

2. A. S. Ibrahim, Y. A. Ali, H. M. Saad and I. H. Amur, “Kinetics and Mechanism of Bulk Polymerization of Vinyl Chloride in a Polymerization Reactor”, The Journal of Engineering Research (TJER) Vol. 12, No. 2 (2015) 41-50.

3. Ahmmed S Ibrehem , Awatif Al-Shab, Moza salim Al-Ansari , Sara Al-Yafai, Fatma Baomar, “Protection of carbon steel against corrosion using Frankincense”, Wulfina Journal, Vol 23, No. 1;Jan 2016.

4. Ahmmed S Ibrehem and Thabit sultan, “Mathematical Model for Gas Phase in Fluidized Bed Cata-lytic Reactor for Ammoxidation of Propene to Acryloni-trile”, Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 11(1):78-84,2016.

5. Ahmmed Saadi Ibrehem, “Mathematical Model of a High Selectivity Technique to Describe and Treat Cancer Diseases Using Healthy Food”, 'Wulfenia' Journal, Volume. 23, Issue. 6 ,2016.


1. Ahmmed Saddi Ibrehem, Khaloued Al-baloushi, Rafiya Musabah Al-alawi, “Fixed Bed Column Study for the Removal of Multi-Heavy Metal Components from Simulated Wastewater Using Bio Waste of Tea Plant” 4TH international conference about hybrid technique and nanomaterials , Espain, 9-13/3/2015.

2. A. Saadi, A. Ahmed, I. Saleh, M. Badar, “Simulation of mathematical model for biomass product using gasification reactor”, 5th International Colloids Conference.

3. A.S. Ibrahim, K.S. AL Khamisi, M.K. AL Sinani, ‘ Fixed Bed Column Study for the Removal of Organic Compounds From Simulated Wastewater Using Bio Waste of Coconut’, 5th International Colloids Conference.

4. Ahmmed Saadi Ibrahim, Yasir Ahmed Ali, Haitham Mohsin Saad, Issa Hamood Amur, “Kinetics and Mechanism of Bulk Polymerization of Vinyl Chloride in Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor".

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