Alexandr Teslenko

Winner. Scientist of the Year 2016. Social Sciences

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Alexandr Teslenko

Alexandr Teslenko

Academic title, degree: Dr. of Pedagogical Science, Dr. of Sociology, Professor
Fields of science: Pedagogy, Social Psychology, Sociology of Youth
Institution: KAZGUU University
Position: Professor
Country: Republic of Kazakhstan

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About Contestant

Teslenko Alexandr Nikolaevich is the professor of the Department of Social & Psychological Disciplines at KazGUU Higher school of economics in Astana city. 

Professor Teslenko graduated from Tselinograd State Pedagogical Institute in 1991 year, than in 1998 – Almaty State University named Abay with candidate degree in Pedagogy (Ph.D).

In 2005 he was conferred the title of ‘Doctor of Pedagogy’ (equivalent to attainment of Professorial status in the UK system) at the Almaty State University named Abay (Almaty). 

In 1997 he was conferred the title of “Doctor of Sociology” at Saratov State Technological University. He was ‘The Best Higher Educator - 2007’ in Kazakhstan and founded the Center of Youth Research, which he is currently leading. 

Since 2011 he is Professor of the Department of Social & Psychological Disciplines at KazGUU.

He works mainly in the field of youth studies, but with a very broad focus. He has publications on youth socialization, youth (sub)cultures and deviations, ethnic and religious identities.

Achievements 2016

in authorized monographs – 1;

in collective monographs – 3;
in scientific journals – 9;
in conference collections – 7;
teaching literature – 3.

books teslenko

Participation in competitions of teaching and scientific literature: the 1-st place in “Pedagogical Discovery’ 2016” .

He organized as chairman of organizational committee the International student scientific and practical conference "Juvenological Readings” (Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan).

The winner of National “The Best Professor of KAZGUU University in the Year 2016” Competition and National grant “The Best Professor of the Year 2016” (Ministry of Education & Science).

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