Open Competitions

Business and entrepreneurship are one of the most important sphere of the human activity that determines development of region, country and the world as a whole. Being an engine of the scientific and technical progress, modern business is aimed to not only to receive a profit, but also to omnifarious development, such as creating new products and services, use of innovative technologies, implementation newest inventions, modernization of obsolete means of production, development of new sources of energy and raw materials, etc.

Taking into consideration big importance and impact of this sphere of human activity, now the IARC forms concept, elaborates methodology and creates mechanism of conducting the Open International Competition in the 'Business & Management' nomination.


  • Popularization, recognition and honouring the successful activity of business leaders who inspire others by their ideas, enthusiasm, and great achievements;
  • Promoting the rise of entrepreneurial activity and economic growth in the countries-participants of the Competition, and all around the world;
  • Presentation to the general public new business ideas, advanced management models, unique business technologies, promising business projects, best practices, etc.


Take part in the Open International 'Business & Management' Competition can both the business executives, whose names are known all over the world, and the representatives of small and medium business who are only in the beginning of their way and have no a big business experience, however they have already managed to reach good business results. So, everyone who succeed in his business activity, who has gained valuable experience of successful management, and who wants to share with the world new business models and his own unique best practice, is invited to take a challenge to become a winner in the International Competition 'Business & Management 2017'.

Competition Process

Since the Open International Competition is permanent, entries will be accepted on a regular basis. The final results of the Competition will be summed up annually in several categories, and the winners are invited to the Gala Awards Ceremony. The Ceremony is held in the framework of the International Achievements Forum, that will take place in Chicago, IL, USA, and in other major cities of the world. Also, intermediate results can be announced on the IARC official media resources, as well as at other events hosted by the International Achievements Research Center and its partners.

The 2017 'Business & Management' Competition will be opened for entries soon. Take part and win the American Diploma of Excellence in Business!

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