About Competition


  • Display innovations in science, technology, engineering, business, medicine, and others;
  • Honouring excellence in new product, service development, and innovation;
  • Motivate people's interest in Science and Technology;
  • Inspire investors and business decision makers to make familiar with the presented innovations and to partner with the winners.


The Competition is open to innovative organizations and individuals from all over the world. Everyone who has an innovative idea or research, new way of industrial process, innovation product or business development that is worth a share with the world, is eligible to apply. Herein, the 'Innovation' is presented broadly to include new business models, technologies, behavioural insights, or ways of delivering products and services that benefit the mankind - any solution that has potential to address an important development problem more effectively than existing approaches.

Self-nominations are allowed. All ages are welcome.

Competition Process

Since the Open International Competition is permanent, entries are accepted on a regular basis. The results are announced annually in the following categories: 1) Natural Sciences, 2) Technical Sciences, 3) Social Sciences, 4) Agricultural Sciences, 5) Medical Sciences, 6) The Humanities. The category for nomination is chosen by the person submitting the application form.

The main part of the Open International Competition is Online Competition. It is a process of building a rating of contestants in each category, that based on the Online Voting. Any visitor of the Competition website can vote only once during the Competition year. The maximum number of allowed checked nominations in each category is three.

Winners are selected taking into consideration both the results of the Online Voting, and the decisions of the Panel of Experts and the Judging Committee. All entries will be judged on the following criteria: Utility, Novelty, Feasibility, and Value. While applying you should describe how your innovation meets these four criteria.

The final results of the Competition are summed up annually, and the winners are announced on this website and on the IARC official pages in social networks. Also, the winners are invited to the Gala Awards Ceremony. The Ceremony is held in the framework of the International Achievements Forum, that takes place in Chicago, IL, USA, and in other major cities of the world. Also, intermediate results can be announced on the IARC official media resources, as well as at other events hosted by the IARC and its partners.


Stage 1. Online application

Submit your nomination to take part in the Competition. For that, click 'Apply Now' and fill in all required fields in the application form. Once your application is completed, click the button 'Submit'. At the time of completing the application form you may attach any materials that you think can help you to win the Competition. You also can send them additionally to info@achievementscenter.com.

Your personal information (except the information and materials that you will give your permission to publish while filling in the online application form) only be used within the IARC. We do not rent or sell your personal information to anyone outside the IARC.

Though nominations submission is on a regular basis, we strongly encourage you to submit your application form to the Competition at earliest. It will allow to start the online voting process for your innovation as soon as possible. Besides, your earliest submission maximizes your innovation's visibility to our audience, as well as promotes to use the fact of your nomination in the Open International 'Innovation of the Year' Competition on your own publicity, marketing campaigns, etc. for a longer time period.

Please note that you can apply in more than one category of the Competition if you want present your innovations in different fields. Also, it increases your chances to win the Open International Competition.

Stage 2. Get approval

All submitted ideas, inventions and innovations undergo an initial screening process by the IARC Review Committee, and the top projects are selected for the Open International Competition. All initial screening is done anonymously; reviewers are given no information about contestant’s identity. Nominations are evaluated on a rolling basis, and once your application is accepted or rejected we will notify you via email of your competition status.

Stage 3. Make a payment

The registration fee is only applicable if your application passes the prejudging phase. Once your application is approved you will receive via email the invoice to make your payment. Registration fee for participation in the Competition is $189 USD for each category and each nomination. The competition process for your innovation will be started only after your registration fee is paid. 

The Competitions' nominees represent active contributors to advancing and promoting the cause of innovation and science development in the world. A percentage of every nomination fee is a tax deductible contribution used to help tell the broader story of innovation and scientific achievements, and to fund programs and conferences dedicated to innovation, science and education.

Stage 4. Online Voting

Once your invoice is paid, your nomination will be included into the register of confirmed nominations, and the access to the Online Voting will be opened for your innovation idea, research, invention or product. A personal competition webpage will be created for you. It will contain information about the author of the nominated innovation, his/her photo portrait, organization's logo (if applicable), and additional information (licenses, certificates, video links, etc.). Anyone from across the globe can vote for your nomination to support you and raise your rating to win the Competition. You also can vote for your innovation.

To see the Online Voting rules, please click here.

Stage 5. Certificate of Participation

Cert ParticipantOnce your nomination is approved and the Online Voting is opened for it, you receive via email a personal Certificate of Participation, with the ability to be printed and displayed. The Certificate of Participation confirms your nomination as a Contestant in the Open International 'Innovation of the Year' Competition. The Certificate will contain QR code with link to your personal competition webpage.

You are encouraged to use your Certificate of Participation in the Open International 'Innovation of the Year' Competition on your own publicity, marketing campaigns, etc. 

Also, through your participation in the Open International 'Innovation of the Year' Competition you will be able to take the advantages & benefits.

Stage 6. Follow the voting results

Keep track of how your nomination moves in the Online Voting. To increase your chance to win, share information about your participation in the Open International 'Innovation of the Year' Competition. Ask your colleagues and students, your partners and friends to vote for you. Follow the Online Voting results to estimate your chance to become one of the winners.

Stage 7. Judging

The top nominations from the Online Voting, which have collected bigger numbers of voices, are then reviewed by the Experts. The nominations will be judged on the following criteria: Utility, Novelty, Feasibility, and Value.

Finally, all innovations that pass all selecting stages are sent to the IARC Judging Committee which makes its decisions regarding the top finalist innovations. The Judging Committee’s decision is final.

Stage 8. Honorary Diploma

If your nomination is recognized a Winner, you will be awarded with prestigious American Honorary Diploma! This is in recognition of a new innovation that is sustainable, efficient, and makes living easier. The Honorary Diploma represents significant value to the winner and highlights the strong marketing value of an unbiased third-party endorsement as a confirmation of high quality. The authors of those top finalist innovative ideas and projects will be recommended to investors and businessmen to partner and finance their implementation. Information about the winners will be published on the Competition website and its pages in social networks to promote their wins.

The Honorary Diploma will be sent to you via email, with the ability to be printed and displayed. You also have options to order send your Diploma to your indicated address by ordinary mail, or be awarded with your Diploma in person at the Gala Awards Ceremony. This solemn ceremony is held in the framework of the International Achievements Forums, that takes place in Chicago, IL, USA and in other major cities of the world (in both cases extra fee is required).

Recommend Your Colleague's Innovation

Finally, you can nominate your own innovation, but not only!..

You are also welcome to recommend us your colleague, partner, relative or friend, who has an innovative idea or research, new way of industrial process, innovation product or business development that is worth a share with the world, and that deserves, by your opinion, to become an Innovation of the Year in its field. Help your colleague or friend to make this important step to take part in the Open International Competition and share his/her innovations with the world. Help to obtain public recognition and financial support for implementation an innovation to benefit the mankind!

To do this, please click the button  Recommend

To take part in the Competition please click the button Apply Now