Advantages & Benefits

Through your participation in the Open International 'Innovation of the Year' Competition you will be able to earn the following advantages & benefits:

  • As a Contestant you will obtain a personal webpage on the official website of the Open International Competitions.

This page will deliver information about you and/or your organization, your photos, logo of your organization, and your innovation. Your official webpage highlights your current status as a Contestant in the Open International 'Innovation of the Year' Competition.
Benefits: You get a platform to present your idea, research, project or product to the world community to attract attention to your innovation and to maximize its visibility. This will help you to find supporters, partners and investors from various countries of the world. Visitors of your page will be able to contact you.
You are encouraged to promote your nomination in the Open International 'Innovation of the Year' Competition on your own publicity, marketing campaigns, etc., to receive notable market exposure through the Open International Competition marketing reach;

  • Your profile will take part in the Online Voting.

Benefits: Anyone from across the globe will be able to know and explore your innovation which presented in the framework of the Open International Competition, and to vote for you to support and increase your rating score. Your gained voting results will help you to estimate the demand towards your innovation both from the broad mass of the populations and from the field professionals, as well as to make a forecast about possibility and success of its implementation;

  • You will obtain a personal Certificate of Participation with QR code to link to your personal webpage.

Benefits: You may use this Certificate, that confirms your current status as a Contestant in the Open International 'Innovation of the Year' Competition, as a marketing tool to attract attention to your innovation, to convince prospective business partners be interested in collaboration with you, to find new clients and customers, to increase your sales, to show your active position on the international market. You are encouraged to use your Certificate of Participation for your own publicity, marketing campaigns, etc.;

  • Information about the Competition and its progress is showcased on the IARC website and its official pages in social networks.

Benefits: We present both the contestants and the winners of the Open International 'Innovation of the Year' Competition to highlight their ideas, research, projects, products and last achievements in science and tecnnology, business and management, medicine and best practices, etc. Thus, you get additional audience to spread information about your innovation and achievements, that helps to find supporters, business partners and investors from various regions of the world, and to promote and develop it further;

  • Become a Winner of the Open International 'Innovation of the Year' Competition and be awarded with prestigious American Honorary Diploma!

Benefits: The Honorary Diploma delivers a significant value to the Winner. It will highlight your leadership, outstanding professional achievements, and prospects and high quality of your innovation. The Diploma confirms demand of the broad mass of the population towards your innovation and showcases its public recognition. The Honorary Diploma also serves as a strong third-party endorsement for your innovative idea, research, project or product, that increases its value and can reach your prospective partners, business decision makers, and customers in a way that marketing and advertising cannot.
Information about the winners will be published on the Competition website and its pages in social networks to promote their wins.

  • As a Winner you will be invited to take part in the International Achievements Forum, other international science conferences and business summits hosted in the major cities of the world by the auspices of IARC and its partners.

Benefits: You may attend, either individually or with your team, the Gala Awards Ceremony and the International Achievements Forum to celebrate your win and meet other winners. The International Achievements Forum is a gathering for businessmen and entrepreneurs, investors and financiers, market specialists and researchers, academics and scientists from different countries of the world, that draws hundreds of fellow innovators into a nexus of powerful networking opportunities. Presentation or participation in panel discussions at the Forum will further increase your innovation's visibility. The Forum is covered by the press. IARC records the entire event to post the photos and videos on its website for global viewing.

  • As a Winner you will obtain a license to use the emblem 'Innovation of the Year 2017 Winner' to promote your win.

Benefits: The emblem amplifies society awareness and communicates that the research, invention, product or service was awarded with the prestigious Honorary Diploma for innovation and success in the marketplace. It highlights your international recognition, promotes your innovation, increases its marketing value and confirms its importance and significance to prospective investors, business decision makers and consumers. The emblem enables the winning innovation to stand out prominently, separating it from the competitors. You can use the emblem 'Innovation of the Year 2017 Winner' in your own publicity and marketing campaigns, place this emblem on your website and other online media, printed media, on coupons and promotional materials, on your official pages in social networks, to mark your product's packaging/labeling, to display in your office and store, and many other ways.

  • As a Winner you will receive the International Achievements Research Center support for your further development.

Benefits: You receive a privilege to publish your informational, scientific article, biographical materials, etc. in the 'International Tribune' section on the official website of the Open International Competitions free of charge.
Besides, as a Winner you will obtain recommendation of your candidature in support of joining the Academic Honor Society 'Science & Technology' and receiving prestigious international awards.

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