KVSS Sairam

Winner. Scientist of the Year 2016. Technical Sciences

Contestant's Profile


KVSS Sairam

Academic title, degree: Ph.D. (Agricultural Sciences)
Fields of science: Food Technology
Research interest: Food Science and Food Safety
Place of work: Prathista Industries Limited
Position: President & Managing Director
Country: India

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About Contestant

Dr KVSS SAIRAM is the Founder of the Prathista Industries Limited and is successful business man since 1995 with back ground of Graduation in Chemical engineering and Post Graduate in Environmental engineering & Masters in Business Management and with two honorary PhD degrees. Before starting Prathista, Dr Sairam gained commendable industrial experience in the fields of Biotechnology and Food ingredients.

Prathista Industries Limited is the First company to commercialize first of its kind Ingenuously developed aerobic fermentation technology to manufacture various Gluconate salts for Food Ingredient & Pharma, Live-stock and Agriculture sectors.

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Dr Sairam is instrumental to commercialize various process technologies through biotechnology methodologies:
a) Proteinates
b) Propionic acid and salts
c) Gluconates
d) Lactates
e) Lactates and Acetates
f) Propionates and Acetates etcAll products are Non GMO and with global certifications from Kosher, Halal and USFDA besides USDA.

Dr Sairam is instrumental in converting Prathista as India based MNC and is now one of the Asia’s largest Industrial fermentation establishments which is manufacturing and marketing Multi segment products to serve Pharma & Food Industries, Veterinary & Poultry and Agricultural sectors for the past two decades.

Dr Sairam strongly believe in R & D and hence created R&D Center with %1.70 million investment during 1997 and he believe in bridging the gap between science and common man and hence many universities have signed MoU's with Prathista for conducting joint Research programs.

Dr Sairam established Prathista Foundation to enhance living standards of poor farmers and adopted two villages for up-lifting the standards of villagers in all respects.

Achievements 2016

Innovative Project: To enhance shelf life and control of Listeria growth in all type of meat products including Poultry meat products (cured, uncured and cooked).

Preamble: Listeria mono cytogenes is pathogenic bacteria, capable of surviving in the presence or absence of oxygen and can grow and reproduce inside the host's cells and is one of the most virulent food borne pathogens, with 20 to 30% of food borne listeriosis infections in high-risk individuals may be fatal and responsible for an estimated 1600 illnesses.

Dr Sairam is a technocrat and established Prathista, Bio Technology company, about 21 years ago (1995) and developed unique Bio-tech and non GMO formulations, considering Food Safety is the need of the hour and these formulations are to enhanced shelf life, flavor and also to control of Listeria growth in all type of meat products including Poultry meat products.

Dr Sairam developed "one stop shop" undisputed solution for Listeria control with many more advantages for "meat and poultry products and for range of cooked meat products for global market requirements.

Technological Revolution: Sophisticated Anaerobic Fermentation of Cane juice / Corn Starch hydrolysate for production of Lactate & Acetate salts using suitable micro-organism. The unique fermentation process will selectively produce combination of Lactates and Acetates and later various formulations are developed as per USFDA standards to hit targeted goals for food safety.



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