Marat Kuderin

Winner. Scientist of the Year 2016. Technical Sciences

Contestant's Profile

Marat Kuderin

Marat Kuderin

Academic title, degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Fields of science: The architecture of buildings and structures
Institution: S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University
Position: Dean of the faculty of Architecture and Construction Engineering
Country: Republic of Kazakhstan

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About Contestant

Kuderin Marat Krykbaevich after graduating in 1975 from Pavlodar Industrial Institute, "Industrial and civil construction", began his career building site foreman in the workplace. Since 1978, began to teaching: a teacher of special disciplines of building offices Krasnoarmeysky farm, then Pavlodar Accounting and Economic College. Since 1982 employment of M.K. Kuderin inseparably linked with teaching at Pavlodar State University named after S.Torayghyrov, here he was promoted from assistant to the department of building structures to the Dean of the Faculty. In 1989, he successfully defended his thesis, and in 2008 - a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in 2010 was awarded the title of professor.

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Along with teaching Kuderin M.K. engaged in research work, also directs the research work of a student with a degree in "Construction". Under his leadership, one applicant defended his thesis for the degree of "candidate of technical sciences" and more than 10 graduate thesis. Graduate student under the supervision of M.K. Kuderin have been repeatedly diplomas I and II degree at national and international competitions graduation projects. According to the results of scientific and educational activities M.K. Kuderin published more than 200 scientific and educational works, including 9 monographs, more than 20 textbooks and 12 innovative patents. 

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Many years' work of Prof Kuderin was marked with Lapel sign "Honored Worker of Education" of the Republic of Kazakhstan, "Honorary Builder of Kazakhstan", "For services to the region". Repeatedly encouraged to actively work with certificates of honor and letters of thanks from the university administration, mayority of the region and city, also the Ministry of Education and Science Republic of Kazakhstan. He twice, in 2010 and 2016, received the title “Best University Teacher” from the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Achievements 2016

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State awards for 2014 - 2016

• 2014 - Letter of thanks of President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev;

• 2014 - The Letter of thanks of the rector of PSU named. S.Toraigyrov;

• 2015 - He was awarded the badge "For Merits in Science" MES RK.

• 2016 - Certificate of Honour the Rector of PSU named S.Toraigyrov in celebration of Kazakhstan Independence 25th anniversary.


Other achievements

• Best Teacher of High School 2015;

• Invitation the organizing Committee and the Editorial Board of the project SWorld;

A number of Certificates & Diplomas.


Research for 2014-2016


• Kuderin M.K., Kulibayev A.A.,  Nurbaturov K.A., Meneylyuk A.I. and other. Interior design. Study materials Kazakhstan. Odessa-Pavlodar, 2015;

• Kuderin M.K., Kulibayev A.A.,  Nurbaturov K.A. Kazakhstan-based ceramic raw materials. ed. Kereku. Pavlodar, 2015;

• Kuderin M.K., Toleubaev B.A. Problems Restoration technogenic damaged areas, Pavlodar, ed. Kereku, 2015.


• Kuderin M.K. Assembling the structural elements of the lifting platform and payment. ed. Kereku, 2015.

• Kuderin M.K. Calculation of single-storey industrial building with steel frame. ed. Kereku, 2015.

Electronic textbooks:

• Kuderin M.K. Methods for testing building structures. Electronic textbook. Certificate №1042 of 30/05/2016, at Pavlodar;

• Introduction to the SCAD office. Electronic textbook. Certificate №1042 of 30/05/2016, at Pavlodar;

Key publications:

• M.K. Kuderin & V.A. Kozionov, A.K. Aldungarova,  Strengthening of hydraulic' sructures on undermined territories Challenges and Innovations in Geotechnics, CRC Press/Balkema is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, an informal business, 2016, London, UK;

• Torpischev Sh.K., Yarmakovsky V.N. Perspectives increasing the efficiency of non-autoclaved aerated concrete, SWorld - 15-22 March 2016 Odessa.


Modern theoretical directions

• Kuderin M.K., Maukeeva D.A. An automated system for monitoring the technical condition of constructions and structures. Materials Intern. scientific. Pract. Conf. "Science, engineering and technical regulation in construction: Status and Prospects" Karaganda, 2016.

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