About AHS

The Academic Honor Society 'Science & Technology', as a rank organization that recognizes excellence among peers, was established to unite the leaders from various fields of activity whose achievements and best practices are the indubitable heritage of humanity. It is academics and scientists, innovators and inventors, businessmen and entrepreneurs, representatives of education and culture from all over the world, regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds.


  • Popularization of notable achievements in fundamental and applied science, new effective approaches in business, best practices in entrepreneurship, secrets of successful management, new education programs and unique educational methods, achievements in art and culture;
  • Promoting new effective elaborations, innovative projects, and cutting-edge technologies;
  • Enhancing the prestige of science and innovation.

Who can become a member

  • Winners of the Open International Competitions 'Scientist of the Year', 'Innovation of the Year', 'Entrepreneur of the Year' and others;
  • The AHS members have a privilege to recommend a new member to join the Academic Honor Society;
  • The AHS Academic Council can make a special invitation to join the Academic Honor Society  'Science & Technology' to someone who has notable achievements that benefit the mankind;
  • Self-nomination is allowed, and is a subject of consideration of the AHS Academic Council.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Publication of informational, scientific article, biographical materials, etc. in the 'International Tribune' section on the official IARC website free of charge;
  • Promoting publications on official pages of the IARC in social networks;
  • Receiving the announces and special invitations for upcoming projects and events of the IARC and its partners;
  • Discount loyalty program for participation in the IARC projects and events;
  • Opportunity to become a speaker at the IARC events;
  • Diploma of a member of the Academic Honor Society 'Science & Technology';
  • Recommendations in support of receiving prestigious international awards.

To become a member of the Academic Honor Society 'Science & Technology' please click the button and fill in the application form.
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