Education Abroad

The world does not stand still. It has been developing, and developing very rapidly. The quicker changes in the modern world happen, the more people realize the importance of education and high level of qualification.

Today the education, and most importantly - the knowledge received in the learning process, - became the main source of a person's income, and also his capital. And the quality of the received education has become a pledge of success and welfare in the modern society.

Against this background, in recent years study abroad is becoming increasingly popular. People aim to study in the world's recognized education centers, whose quality of education has been tested by the time. This education is based on centuries-old traditions that blend harmoniously with the modern techniques and tools.

What can be more prestigious than education in the Great Britain? Whats can be more prospective than study in the U.S.? What can be 'closer to life' than education obtained in the professional colleges of Canada? What can be more attractive than learning in the oldest universities of Europe?

Education in such institutions is always prestigious, since their Diplomas and scientific degrees are recognized worldwide. High quality of this education is determined by their perfect material and technical base, and by traditionally high level of quality control. Many students discovered for themselves unique opportunities of internship in international companies and participation in research projects. As a rule, a starting salary of those who graduated from prestigious foreign universities is higher, and the start of successful career is easier.

In addition, the experience of studying and living abroad is invaluable as a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and customs of the host country. In the framework of the International Student Society the students get contacts with people from all over the world, those who in the future can be not only classmates and friends, but also business partners.

All these factors indicate a high demand for education abroad in prestigious educational centers. And, following to these stable international trends, the IARC determines promotion availability the education abroad as one of its important directions. It conducts these activities through the implementation of a number of joint educational programs, participation in the organization of international training courses, as well as holding of thematic seminars on topical issues of education.

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