Open Competitions

Often so happens that scientists, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs have interesting ideas, but they do not have resources for implementation their ideas, and cannot find supporters or investors. Our Open International Competitions Program provides unique opportunity to showcase results of their work and present their notable achievements and innovations to the world community. It allows scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and prospective investors to find out both the opinions from their fields' professionals and the assessment of demand from the broad mass of the population about presented ideas, scientific elaborations and innovative solutions. Thus, it helps to know what people need today most of all and where to invest money to.

The Competition is currently held in two nominations, each of them is represented by six categories. To get more information about the Competitions, to check results and to vote, click the button 'Voting/Results' (below) of the Competition that you are interested in. In order to vote you need to register and login.

Scientist of the Year

This nomination of the Competition reveals the names of the most talented scientists from various regions of the world.



Innovation of the Year

This nomination of the Competition provides the most promising and interesting innovative projects and best practices.




To take part in the Competition please select a nomination and click the button

Scientist of the Year   Innovation of the Year