Vagif Rakhmanov

Winner. Scientist of the Year 2016. Medical Sciences

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Vagif Rakhmanov

Vagif Rakhmanov

Academic title, degree: Prof., Ph.D., Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Honorary Professor in the International Personnel Academy, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Higher Education
Fields of science: Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Medical, Social, Cognitive and Pedagogical Psychology, Psychophysiology, Audiology, Neurology of Early Childhood and Adolescence, Philosophy
Research interest: Non-medicamentous medical psychosocial rehabilitation of sick children and adults with functional and organic lesions of central nervous system (CNS). In particular, development of psychological, psychophysiologic, and psychophysical methods of medical and psychosocial rehabilitation of children suffering autism and autistic sphere of disorders (mental and psychomotor retardation), sensorineural hearing loss, cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, anorexia, stuttering, enuresis etc.
Institution: Research Institute of Children’s and Family Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Medical and Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Position: Director
Country: Ukraine

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About Contestant

Qualification of M.D. Psychotherapist in Narimanov Medical Institute in Azerbaijan (grad. 1975).

PhD equivalent Degree of Doctor of Medical sciences in Bekhterev Research Institute of Psychiatry in St. Petersburg, 1992.

Professional Training in Psychotherapy, Child and Adult Psychiatry, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Audiology

M.D. Board certified in Child and Adult Psychiatry.

Since 1979 works as a Psychiatrist (Psychotherapist) in Dnepropetrovsk Psychoneurological Hospital (Ukraine).

At the start of career worked in neurosis department, cured patients with neurotic and somatoform disorders, organic and functional disorders, in particular sensorineural hearing loss, autism, autistic sphere of disorders, cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, anorexia etc. in the first in the country psychotherapeutic audiologic office.

1986-2016 – Head of Neurosis Department in Dnepropetrovsk Region Psychiatric Hospital.

Awards and Titles:

• Certificate of Honour from All-Union Technical Society for active participation in development and implementation of new diagnostic and treatment methods of hearing disorders, 1984.

• Gold Award of VDNKh (USSR) for development of new non-medicamentous psychosocial rehabilitation methods of patients with disabilities and functional disorders, 1989.

• The title of Honorary Professor for development of medical assistance to patients with bad organic pathology of CNS from International Personnel Academy, 2001.

• Head of Psychoanalytic Office in Dnepropetrovsk and Dnepropetrovsk region, 2007.

• Professor of Psychotherapy in Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, 2008-2009.

• Nostrification of PhD in Research Institute for Social and Legal Psychiatry and Addictology of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, 2009.

• Pirogov Medal of Honour, Leibnitz Medal of Honour from German Homeopathy Society, Yaroslav the Wise Medal of Honour, Certificates of Honour from Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine and Dnepropetrovsk regional state adminisration, 2009.

• Nonresident Senior Fellow in Social and Extreme Psychiatry Department of Research Institute for Social and Legal Psychiatry and Addictology of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, 2010.

• St. Sophia Medal of Honour, 1st class, 2011.

• Title of Honour “The Name in Science”, Award for Contribution in World Science from Socrates Nomination Committee,2012. The name of Prof. Rakhmanov V.M. was listed in World Record of Distinguished Scholars.

• Honoured Doctor of Ukraine, “Patriot of Ukraine Star”, 2013.

• Ostrogradsky Decoration from the Academy of Higher Education, 2014.

Puts in place new therapies of functional and organic pathologies, got 3 inventor’s certificates (unit for hearing loss and autism treatment, psychophysical and psychophysiological therapeutic approach concerning autism and autistic sphere of disorders, sensorineural disorders using correlation of oculauditory parameters), 5 patents, 37 certificates on innovation proposals.

Member of New York Academy of Sciences, European Association of Psychotherapy.

More than 500 publications, 6 monographs.

Achievements 2016

Vagif Rakhmanov 3

Prof. Rakhmanov with cured children in Research Institute of Children's and Family Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Medical and Psychosocial Rahabilitation (created at Prof. Rakhmanov's instigation)

Complete reconstruction, licensing and full-scale operation of the Research Institute of Children’s and Family Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Medical and Psychosocial Rehabilitation (created at Prof. Rakhmanov’s instigation). After treatment here 50 children suffering autism, autistic sphere of disorders, hearing loss, were transferred to ordinary mass educational establishments; 20 families with sick children gave birth to second or third child.

First in medical practices classification of variants of clinical manifestation of autism and autistic sphere of disorders grounded upon whether one or several pathopsychological symptoms (syndroms) are leading, their expressiveness and breach of relations in micro- and macroenvironement.

• Rakhmanov V. M. (2015). Family Neurosis. Psychosomatic and Vegetative Disorders among Children and Adults.

• Rakhmanov V. M. (2015). Wise Words, Psychological and Some Other Unfinished Thoughts, Professor’s Aphorisms.

Awards: “The Name in Science” (Dublin, the UK, 2012), St.Vladimir’s award for contribution in development of higher education (Ukraine, 2015).

Head of the Regional Office of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education(2016).

Sharing experience in assistance for children and teen-agers in the 2nd International Conference on Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Injured Children from War Zone, Kharkiv, Ukraine,2016.

Poster presentation in 1st International Developmental Pediatrics Congress in Turkey(2015).

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