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When your work is your passion, it is extremely important to feel the results. To be motivated. To be inspired. To be proud. Your professional achievements are worthy to be recognized, and they are worthy to be awarded.

Present your achievements and innovations worldwide through the Open International Competitions with online voting!

Whether you are embarking on your professional journey, accelerating your career, or aspiring to grow your achievements in science, technology and business, the Open International Competitions is your platform to grow and network with likeminded leaders all over the world. Give to your supporters and followers, partners and investors, colleagues and students a chance to know you better. Inspire others so they feel an honor to work with you.

Take part in the Open International Competition! Obtain the American Diploma of Excellence!

Scientists & Researchers

We present the Winners of the Open International ‘Scientist of the Year 2016' Competition

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Inventions & Innovations

Take part in the Competition for the most promising innovations and the most interesting discoveries

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Business & Management

Take part in the Competition for achievements in commercial activities and management

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