Rektor winner nove 03 4Academician, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić
Rector-International University Travnik
Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"Inspiration is special touch of the wisdom that might help further development of each specific scientific focus and, having that in mind, competition for „The Scientist of the Year 2016“ for me personally was that kind of inspiring move that will help improvement of my own widening of specific economic perspective in my scientific and personal work, as well as for the specific environment of the higher institution within which I am targeting my personal touch – International University Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the same time, being a winner within the field of Social Sciences – economics, among and surrounded of other important and highly respected competitors from all around the Globe, is another inspiring momentum which will make even better my future development within the specific field of economics. The International Achievements Research Center from Chicago, USA has made an excellent appearance how, independently and aside of any kind of mud water of influence and manipulation, Scientific jury and online votes can achieve a great and unique example for the future benefits of the world of science. Thank you very much for that."

Photo portrait 3Prof. Dr. Marat Kuderin
Dean, Faculty of Architecture and Construction
Pavlodar State University
Republic of Kazakhstan

"It was a great privilege for me to participate in this Contest and to receive an Award!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to publish an article in the "International Tribune" section on the official website of the Open International Competitions. Thank you very much for this privilege!

My participation in the Contest has been a great experience to me. I highly appreciate your support and cooperation!"


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