Rajesh Kumar Sharma

Winner. Scientist of the Year 2016. Natural Sciences

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Rajesh Kumar Sharmai

Rajesh Kumar Sharma

Academic title, degree: Ph.D.
Fields of science: Biotechnology
Research interest: Natural Products
Place of work: Prathista Industries Limited
Position: CEO
Country: India

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About Contestant

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Ph.D. (1985) in Natural Products (Medicinal Plants), is an eminent scientist of international repute in the field of Biotechnology and having an Excellent Academic records. He had his graduation, post-graduation & Doctorate degree from Agra University, Agra, India.

During his illustrative carrier spanning over 30 years, he has served as Research Scientist at Thapar centre for Industrial R&D Centre, Patiala, Punjab for about 13 years (April 1987 to May 2000). During this period, he was one of the first batch of scientist who has developed seven biotech processes to manufacture products like maltodextrins, plant growth promoters, bio-conversion of lingo cellulosic wastes in to soil conditioner, up gradation of corn gluten, bamboo preservation, bagasse preservation, sugar cane juice clarification to manufacture jaggary etc and successfully commercialized in various industries. With such success in establishing commercial production, he has also served as Adjunct faculty in School of Biotechnology, during April 1993 to May 2000, at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (presently known as Thapar University), Patiala.

Since June 2000, he is associated with Prathista in various capacities, presently as CEO. Some of his salient contributions are establishment of viable linkages with various R&D labs & Academia in India and abroad. He played key role in development & commercialization of various organic acids & their salts, Innovative Organic Inputs for Agriculture & Livestock. The innovative Biotech & Certified Organic Inputs are being successfully manufactured by Prathista and marketed in India and various other Countries.

Rajesh Kumar Sharmai summit

Dr. Rajesh, JMD of Prathista, during his presentation at the Global Knowledge Millenium Summit, ASSOCHAM - New Delhi, India

He has published (70 publications) his research findings in various reputed International & National Scientific Journals, published from various countries and contributed as co-author in six books. He has various academic honors to his credit, some of them are like:
Member, New York Academy of Science, New York, USA;
Advisor to the Governing Body of Editors of American Biographical Institute, USA;
Editor in Editorial Board of International Journal “Poultry Guide”;
Editor in Editorial Board of International Journal “Pollution Research”;
Expert Reviewer of International Journal “Resources, Conservation and Recycling”, USA;
Chairman, Board of Studies, Thapar University;
Visiting Professor – Biotechnology, Loyola Academy, Secunderabad; North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon; Acharya N.G.Ranga Agriculture University, Hyderabad etc.

He has been also honored Nationally and Internationally, like International Achievers Award for Quality Excellence, he also served as expert reviewer for Indian J. of Biotechnology, CSIR, Expert Reviewer for scientific research publications in the field of Biotechnology by “Critical Reviews in Biotechnology”, USA.

Rajesh Kumar Sharmai award

Dr. Rajesh, CEO, Prathista, receiving award from Indo-USA Chamber of Commerce


Achievements 2016

A novel process for wheat & corn flour fermentative production of propionic acid has been developed by using Propionibacteria sp. Propionic acid which occurs naturally in apples, strawberries, grains, cheese, is mainly used as a mold inhibitor for various animal feed and baked foods. This process has been commercialized. Application for filing patent is under process. The USA Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) lists the acid and Sodium, Calcium and Potassium salts of it as preservative in their summary of Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) additives.


BAKERY GOODS: Baked goods, when stored for any length of time, develops mold because of the nutrients present in them. To extend the storage time of commercially prepared baked goods such as bread dough, pizza dough, bread and pastries, Other grain foods that may be preserved with calcium propionate include breakfast cereals, pasta and noodles.

DAIRY PRODUCTS: Dairy food containing calcium propionate includes dried and condensed milk; flavoured milks and yogurt drinks; ripened, unripened and processed cheeses; dairy desserts such as flavoured yogurts and puddings; and dairy-based spreads.

MEATS: Meat products containing calcium propionate include processed meat, poultry products; sausage casings; and preserved fish, including canned fish and shellfish. Calcium propionate is also added as a preservative to livestock and poultry feed.

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